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Today I thought of sharing a review of my ebook title RELATIONSHIPS KNOW SOMETHING.

This is what chipego kalembo had to say:

“Great insight on how we must consider extended family of our partner. Things must be disclosed in full. Truth does more good than harm. A marriage should always remain healthy and friendship maintained. The book is guided by scripture from God. Never marry outside your values and seek each other for advice. Just a few glimpse of all you can learn from this book. I thought I knew all I needed to know in relationships until I read this book. It’s direct to the point and very relevant. I would encourage you all to have a read”.

Life’s adventure world 🌍

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2 thoughts on “RELATIONSHIPS

  1. This is why I require pre-marital counseling, before I will officiate someone’s wedding. It’s not that I want t know everything about them, but that I want them to discuss between the two of them many personal matters about themselves and their families and about issues of budgeting, paying bills, etc., before they tie the knot. It only benefits them, not me.

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