Love? — life’s adventure Zambia.

From the blue sky to the night filled with bright stars. From the jelly fish in the deep sea right up in the sky where an eagle soars. How fruitful it is for the sweet nectar like a bee seeks to find its beloved. Purely refined joy accompanied by the hearts hidden valley of love […]

Love? — life’s adventure Zambia.


“Meet Clint the writer of over 12 books up to date”.✊

Thank you so much Emma for sharing how proud you are of my works ( writing over 12 books up to date) and the words of encouragement you have written to me.

” Keep pushing Clint, you have what it takes to be known worldwide”.

Today we fly together on Life’s adventure world 🌍. And I appreciate you for the beautiful friend we share.

To: Emma The ML

Life’s adventure world 🌍


Life’s adventure world 🌍

A gift starts small and it later grows.
A baby is born weighing 3.1 kg, in her is a total package of becoming an adult who will weigh 20 times more.
So is a gift.. it may look tiny today, only when we decide to grow and nature it more, will we see how impactful it will be.

Life’s adventure world 🌍