A glance

It is amazing to have an experience of different cultures around the world. Each culture hold it’s norms and beliefs, standards of values and so much more. At a much deeper aspect we find love is what holds these cultures together, the people and the art create a one unity of pure celebration and joy. From deep down our hearts we live and experience diversity of different cultures we have around the globe. Today I share with you about the N’cwala ceremony of the people based in the eastern part of my country Zambia. Life’s adventure world 🌍

Our culture hold us together, our culture makes us share our happiness and joy and our culture defines our lives in society. https://youtu.be/dukW0aEFx7M

Impis dance

Life’s adventure world 🌍, connecting hearts in love, peace and joy. To experience the wonders of life. Do not forget to follow, leave a like or comment and share your views with the world today.


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