A little

From the eyes πŸ‘€ of an ant 🐜 to the eyes of an elephant 🐘. From the eyes of a jellyfish 🎏 to the eyes πŸ‘€ of an eagle πŸ¦… sworring above the thunder ⚑ clouds. It takes only a little to make a change. It takes a little to experience joy and laughter. It takes a little to see the world differently. Our hearts and our hope is always is in constant wonder of the best of life. Like a little umbrella β˜‚οΈ, we should cover our selves with only the best of love and life. It takes a little though life’s adventure world 🌍.

Life’s adventure world 🌍, in pure hope and joy… Passion and perseverance… Connecting hearts of love and perfectness. https://youtu.be/2cfEkdWVnNQ

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17 thoughts on “A little

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    How beautiful to have the innocence of a child, not knowing or caring about the Ways of the World and the many burdens that men bring upon themselves and others!

    Perhaps the innocence we all once knew is what can be restored to any soul that accepts and believes in Jesus Christ. He will sort all of this out at the appointed time, but now is the time for we who are fallen and still here on earth; to show and prove our faith in Him!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,

    Lawrence Morra III

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      1. Well I think your short post is a blockbuster brother! Happy that I noticed it at the moment I did and that you were insightful like that! I had a lot of sad going through my head and heart!
        Keep the faith and the good work going!
        God bless you and yours!

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          1. You’re welcome Brother Clint. Yes the joyous photo of the beautiful happy children goes straight to my heart, but then your words convey the deeper meaning and purpose for our existing in the first place!

            Jesus Christ is the King and we his children are so important, He loves us more than we can fathom like this deep feeling I have for those children, only His compassion is infinitely more; so He is all we need and must seek daily! Then we are doing the Father’s will not our own, which is our passage to His glorious eternal kingdom! Amen.

            God bless you and you also have a wonderful day!

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              1. So finely pointed out Brother in Christ Jesus; Clint! He knows His own and we are searching and eager to see Him physically being in the presence of our Lord! He gave us His heart so we strive to give Him ours, growing in our faith! Amen.

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