Came rain and water, summer and winter, you have kept me, loved me and here I am. You have let your love to become the breath of my existence. You have tought me and natured me in your ways. Your thoughts are good and pure for my well being. Here I am strong and beautiful, healthy and loving. There is no exchange to your beauty and kindness mother………. life’s adventure world.

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7 thoughts on “Here

  1. Clint.. In the world,there is no such any alternative of Mother. I lost my mother in 2018 and I know what I have lost. I was far away from her at my job still she tried to know every moment about what I ate,whether I was wearing jacket in cold weather or what problem I was facing. You know I could nt come to know that she was having high sugar &that took her life. I am working in a diabetes study and I could nt save her from that. Sometime I feel so helpless but again her thoughts and advice give me strength. I became very happy for your love towards your mother. I loved the post. Never forget her.

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