Nature of Joy

I wake up to birds singing in may ears, flapping of wings by the birds and splashes of water by the fish in the pond. I guess this is the nature of joy of these species. Joy on a human perspective is actually different from other animals, it is the joy that lavishes the heart and fills up the mind with certainity. This however I speak is of my experience from the time my heart desires to seek joy until it found it. There is always a channel in between the desire and outcome of that which you seek. This matters more of how and ways you seek what you look for, as for my brother and I music is what brings us joy, to be honest…it is also the kind of music we seek for joy. Music of praise and worship to God always finds the way into our hearts and joy fills our mind and now the question I ask is “What fills you up with natural joy?”life’s adventure Zambia


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