The Gate

This is not just an ordinary gate, this is not the gate that provide an opening to the interior or exterior. This is not the gate that provides security from the external world or the undesirable out appearance of the environment or most importantly, this is not the gate that protects your heart nor the prisons.

The gate spoken of is the one that one wouldn’t want to be closed. This is the gate that is viewed by the mass as a gate way to freedom or financial freedom. This gate however isn’t wide open for most of the needy, the lack and those who unable to get through.

This gate is “EDUCATION” many of the young youths in Zambia who are bone not from well to do family find this get closed from them at an early age of childhood. They grow up not seeing this gate ever open for them to access quality education later on the basic needs. Which has left them vulnerable to the freedom they need. Yes many secondary School certified youth do note have the money to pay for there college tuition.It is indeed a sad story of life to experience the locked gate to education without financial help of tuitions.LIFE’S ADVENTURE.


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