Life’s adventure world 🌍



Born on this particular day in a different weather pattern, I was free as a bird in the air, an eagle and slipaly to the touch like a frog. Brave and proud as a lion and board like a crodile, nothing by passed my quick agility as a cheetah, I was one of the kind. Never seen an elephant eye to eye, I believe my heart was small as a mastered seed. As seasons come and season go through the revolution of the earth around the sun. Days begin to move fast and my heart started to race, by passing the time which made a 24h day to be a 48hrs day. All this was because of one person, one person who took me by surprise because of her promising words.


“Meet Clint the writer of over 12 books up to date”.✊

Thank you so much Emma for sharing how proud you are of my works ( writing over 12 books up to date) and the words of encouragement you have written to me.

” Keep pushing Clint, you have what it takes to be known worldwide”.

Today we fly together on Life’s adventure world 🌍. And I appreciate you for the beautiful friend we share.

To: Emma The ML

Life’s adventure world 🌍