Sixth ebook

I am excited to have my sixth ebook published in PDF format.

Life’s adventure world 🌍
Life’s adventure world 🌍
Life’s adventure world 🌍
Life’s adventure world 🌍
Life’s adventure world 🌍

Times of war and the future.
This book is written for the purpose of
bringing to awareness that peace should be
embraced at all times. This book is written
as a form of education based on the
knowledge of the auther, of the tragedies
and the devastations war brings to human
kind. This book will highlight a number of
outcome that arise from war and this book
will help those in war and those
experiencing peace to appreciate the peace
that the world offers and also to look much
into the deeper aspect of it all, having to
look deep within us to find the God given
peace that always stands out during times
of crisis and war.

Life’s adventure world 🌍

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