To You

If the moon could be more brighter than the sun, if the ocean could spread its wings to this day. If the birds could humme a beautiful song close to your heart 💓. The sun would reflect it’s marvelous rays on your skin and the world 🌍 will celebrate with you for this day. Happy birthday 🎉🎉 to you “mum”. And thank you for your achievement in becoming a medical practitioner “nurse”. Keep your smile glowing with us in life’s adventure world 🌍.

Life’s adventure world 🌍, reaching out to all in the unbreakable bond of love, peace and joy. Please leave a like or comment and follow in showcasing of love to the world.


11 thoughts on “To You

  1. Happy birthday to her! My mum’s birthday is a few days away as well so I think I’ll write a short note for her that she can see. Thanks for the inspiration!

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