Hi — life’s adventure Zambia.

It is the world outside that brightens our day. It is the world outside which brings change in seasons as months go by. It is world outside where we seek piece of heart and mind. It is the world outside that we find happiness and fun. And it is the world within we find everlasting […]

Hi — life’s adventure Zambia.

13 thoughts on “Hi — life’s adventure Zambia.

  1. Hi Clint! I will share this with my Writers’ Group this morning. “It is the world outside where we find _____ and it is the world inside where we find ______” will be our Writer’s Prompt. I’ll share their responses with you. After they fill in their blanks, I will let them see what you wrote. I love it! ❤ Have a Fabulous Friday. Thank you so much for the gift of following my JanBeek. I hope it provides you with love, inspiration, and glimpses of faith that reassure you. ❤

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