Love? β€” life’s adventure Zambia.

From the blue sky to the night filled with bright stars. From the jelly fish in the deep sea right up in the sky where an eagle soars. How fruitful it is for the sweet nectar like a bee seeks to find its beloved. Purely refined joy accompanied by the hearts hidden valley of loveΒ […]

Love? β€” life’s adventure Zambia.

33 thoughts on “Love? β€” life’s adventure Zambia.

  1. Quite stunning words, persons, location setting, apparel and photography! To my eyes it could be their actual Honeymoon or part of a travelogue advertisement that says, come to beautiful exotic Zambia; you will fall in love!
    Great Job!

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    1. Yes, the pictures, the garden and the dressing look amazing πŸ˜„. We have many beautiful places in Zambia and not forgetting the Victoria falls and so on. Thank you once again and life’s adventure world 🌍 is happy to share in joy with you today Lawrence, yours Clint.

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      1. Well stated Clint! Oh I’m sure it’s a great exotic unbelievably beautiful country with so much to behold, that I’ve only known via television and reading over the years. Never had the opportunity to actually visit but being an ecosystem/wildlife advocate and admirer that I am, it’s sad that I haven’t checked it out yet! πŸ˜„ Maybe a trip in the not distant future I hope!
        Thank you again!
        Peace be with you Clint!

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  2. What fun to find your post. I look forward to perusing it and learning more about Africa through your eyes, your posts, your lenses. This picture is so delightful! And the words, “How fruitful it is for the sweet nectar like a bee seeks to find its beloved… ” really resonated with me. My husband is a retired beekeeper – and my last name is “Beekman” – we always tell people it stands for “Bee Keeper Man” … You have a sweet heart – I can tell!

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